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Bookmark These 2 Websites to Avoid Disaster in Your San Antonio Divorce, Custody or Child Support Case



There is a lot to know and navigate if you’re going through a divorce or child custody, child support case - especially if you’re representing yourself. It can help to think about things in two broad categories:

  1. Substantive - What is the law that applies to my case? What legal documents do I need to submit to the court to get what I want? What information do I need to include in those documents?

  2. Procedural - What are the rules and deadlines that apply to my case? What are the rules that govern the process of a legal case? What administrative rules do I need to follow? Where is the courthouse? What hours is it open?

Both categories are important, and ignoring the requirements of either can cause big trouble in your case and negatively impact your legal rights.


Where to the Find Court Rules that Apply Your Bexar County Family Law Case

Bexar County District Clerk Website

The first website you need to bookmark is the Bexar County District Clerk website. Get familiar the site - look at all the drop down menus, click all the links, read the FAQs. Double check the rules and requirements before you submit any documents in your case, set a hearing, or head to the Courthouse to appear before a judge.

Just some of the important information you’ll find at the District Clerk’s website:

  • location and hours

  • court and judge information

  • how to set a hearing

  • the special rules you have to follow if you’re pro se (representing yourself) and the Pro Se Acknowledgement form you have to sign and submit

  • Bexar County Local Rules you have to follow

  • forms and documents required in family law cases (which you can download)

  • deadlines

  • the Bexar County Standing Order that applies in all divorces and child related cases (custody, visitation, support)


Where to Find Substantive Information and Forms for Your Bexar County Family Law Case

The second website you need to bookmark is This website provides free legal information and forms in both English and Spanish.

If you’re considering or going through a divorce or child related case (custody, visitation, support), a good place to start is the Family, Divorce, & Children section available in English or Spanish. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. To get started, select an issue (ex: divorce, child custody and visitation, child support and medical support, CPS, court how-tos) and then choose a toolkit or article. Toolkits contain Forms, Instructions, FAQs, and related articles.

Bookmark the Bexar County District Clerk website and for important information, rules, and free legal information and forms to help you represent yourself in your family law case.