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10 Smart Ways to Use a Limited Scope Attorney in Your Family Law Case.

In Texas, an attorney can help on a Limited Scope basis with virtually any part of your divorce or child custody or child support case. The specific things an attorney might do for you depends on the facts of your situation and the law that applies to your case. You may already have some ideas about what parts of your case you’d like help with. You should also expect guidance from an attorney about what kind of help would be most beneficial to you in your circumstances.

Here are 10 ways a Limited Scope attorney can help you in your family law case:

  1. Advise you about your legal rights and obligations.

  2. Help you develop a legal strategy and instruct you on the steps to implement the strategy.

  3. Identify the forms and documents required in your case.

  4. Alert you to deadlines and Court rules you must follow.

  5. Answer questions which come up during your case.

  6. Prepare documents required in your case.

  7. Review documents you’ve prepared to make sure they correct and complete.

  8. Review documents served on you by the other party, explain what they mean, and advise you on how to respond.

  9. Coaching and strategy sessions to prepare you to represent yourself at mediation or at a Court hearing.

  10. Go with you to Court and represent you for just one hearing.

If you hire an attorney for Limited Scope Representation, make sure your agreement is in writing and that it clearly sets out the tasks the attorney is responsible for and the tasks you are responsible for.