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Fun Holiday Activities for Separated and Divorced Parents


Creating New Holiday Traditions with Your Kids

The holidays can be busy and stressful in normal circumstances, but figuring out how to navigate the holidays if you’re going through a divorce may seem overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of festive - and budget friendly - activities to do with your kids. Print it out and keep it handy as a go to reference. Embrace the opportunity to create new family traditions!


Give yourself permission to let go of holiday traditions that no longer serve your family - especially those which create a lot of work or strain the budget. Your kids will be excited and enthusiastic to try something new, and staying busy with fun, family activities will help keep the mood light and relaxed.

20 holiday activities to do with your kids

  • Host a cookie decorating party

  • Start a cookie exchange

  • Take a first annual holiday pajama photo

  • Make salt dough ornaments

  • Write a letter to a soldier overseas

  • Make your door into a snowman

  • Volunteer in your community

  • Walk/Drive to see holiday decorations

  • String Popcorn

  • Cut out paper snowflakes

  • Make New Year’s cards and send out

  • Write a letter to yourself to be opened next year

  • Try a holiday recipe from a different country

  • Print a stack of festive coloring and activities

  • Have a Christmas movie marathon

  • Hunt for new books at a used book store

  • Create an upbeat holiday playlist

  • Attend family holiday events in your community

  • Gather friends and go caroling

  • Have a slumber party around the Christmas tree

Get your kids involved in planning holiday activities. Letting them be part of the decision making process will give them a small bit of control in their world, which may feel especially chaotic during a divorce.


Be flexible and open to your holidays looking a little different this year. Things are different. But the holidays can still be fun and festive.

Enjoy your time with your kids by staying busy with special holiday activities. You got this!