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Download: Free Divorce Guide for Children in Spanish and English

Divorce can be especially confusing and scary for children. And it can be difficult to find the right words to talk to your kids about what’s happening.

This Divorce Guide for Children - available in both Spanish and English - may help.


Age Appropriate Information About Divorce

The Texas Young Lawyers Association, a department of the State Bar of Texas, has published the Divorce Guide for Children, available for download in Spanish and English.

The 23 page guide explains the legal process in kid-friendly terms, describing what happens at various stages, and importantly, why it’s happening. Legal words and phrases that children are likely to encounter during a divorce are explained in simple terms.

Divorce Coloring Pages for Kids

The guide is also a coloring book. Some of the illustrations include a courtroom, judges, a visitation calendar, and positive images of grown ups and children dealing with divorce. Coloring is fun and relaxing, and may make it easier for you to talk to your child about a difficult topic.

**Download the free Divorce Guide for Children in Spanish or English.