Limited Scope Family Law Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

Hourly And Flat Fee

Rates & Fees


We provide both Full Scope Representation (we handle every aspect of your case from start to finish) and Limited Scope Representation (we handle just certain parts of your case while you handle the rest of your case).

Rates for Full Scope Representation cases are based on the hourly rate of the attorney or other legal professional working on your case.

Rates for Limited Scope Representation cases are generally flat fee, but can also be hourly, or a hybrid flat fee + hourly rate depending on the legal services being provided.

Hourly Rates

Ms. Kostun’s hourly rate begins at $375.00 for Full Scope Representation and in person Attorney Coaching & Consultations. Ms. Kostun’s hourly rate for Attorney Coaching & Consultations by telephone is $350.00 per hour. Hourly rates for paralegals begin at $200.00, and litigation assistants $125.00.

In Full Scope Representation cases we track the time we spend working on your case and include detailed time entries on your invoice. We invoice twice a month because we believe it’s important for you to be frequently updated on the working we’re doing for you and the costs of your case.

In Limited Scope Representation cases, we provide some legal services on an hourly basis. For example, we offer Attorney Coaching in 30 minute and 1 hour blocks, charged at Ms. Kostun’s applicable rate. You choose the length of the Session, so you control the total cost. See how Attorney Coaching can help you and use our online system to get your session.

flat fees - pay as you go

A flat fee is a set, predetermined price for a specific legal service. With a flat fee, you know the total cost up front. No surprises. For example, for $500.00, we will prepare a petition of divorce with the required forms and attachments for you to file with the Clerk and serve on your spouse. Flat fees are available only in Limited Scope Representation cases.

hybrid flat fee + hourly

The fee may a combination of flat fee and hourly depending on the legal services you choose. For example, if you choose document preparation (a petition of divorce) and Attorney Coaching, the total fee will be made up of the flat fee to prepare the petition plus an hourly fee for each hour of Attorney Coaching.


Retainers are required in all Full Scope Representation cases. A retainer is an up front payment that is held on your behalf in a trust bank account. The amount of the retainer required will depend on the complexity of your case and will be discussed at your consultation, but the range is generally $5,000.00 to $20,000.00. Your retainer funds are used to pay your invoices. If all of your retainer is used before your case is finished, you will be required to replenish your retainer. At the end of your case, if there are retainer funds remaining after payment of your final invoice, those funds are returned to you.

In Limited Scope Representation cases, the fee is generally paid when the legal service is undertaken, so a retainer is not required. For example, if you have purchased a 2 hour Attorney Coaching and Strategy Session, the fee is required to be paid at or before the start of the Session. If we are providing ongoing legal services in a Limited Scope capacity, a small retainer may be required.


In addition to fees for legal services, you will be responsible for expenses associated with your case such as court costs and filing fees, the cost of a process server, a mediator’s fee, couriers, postage, and other out of pocket costs. We will not incur large expenses on your behalf without first discussing with you and getting your approval.